Filter media

Activated Carbon

Chemical-filtration cartridge. Activated carbon - special, granulated (in the form of pellets) activ..


Aquael Magic Algae Stop

Aquael presents yet another exciting product: a universal antialgal filter media for all types of ..


Aquario Bio-Active Mix 7in1 1kg Aquario Bio-Active Mix 7in1 1kg Sold Out

Aquario Bio-Active Mix 7in1 1kg

The Aquario Bio-Active Mix 7 in 1 ceramic mix is ​​an innovative filter cartridge, which is a unique..


Bio Balls 1Ltr

1 Piece = 1L bagFeatures:     biological contribution,     v..


Ceramic Bio Rings

Filter substrate - the basic material in the biological filtration process. Porous, ceramic, thanks ..


Happet Filter Media Bag S

Mesh for filter materials, size SVery easy to store filter cartridges inside the filter. Has a lock...


Happet Filtex LAVA Volcano 3L

Happet Filtex LAVA 3L + mesh - A natural cartridge for biological filtration Filtex LAVA 3L + mesh 3..


Seachem Matrix 500g Sold Out

Seachem Matrix 500g

Seachem MATRIX is a filter element in the form of granules with high porosity. The structure of each..


Seachem Purigen 100ML Sold Out

Seachem Purigen 100ML

Purigen® is a premium synthetic adsorbent that is unlike any other filtration product. It is not a..



Natural contribution in the form of ammonium gravel - volcanic rock. The insert works well as a filt..


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