Heater with a 200W thermostat

"Golden precision of heat"

Glass aquarium heater with COMFORT ZONE GOLD thermostat, whose contacts are covered with a layer of gold. Traditional glass aquarium heaters consist, in a simplified way, of a thermostat, contacts and a heating spiral. The thermostat controls the water temperature in the aquarium and, if necessary, closes or opens the contacts, which turns the heating spiral on or off.

The most sensitive element of this system are the contacts - despite the use of their electronic support, over time, as a result of metal oxidation, their surface is gradually contaminated. This shortens the heater's life and reduces the precision of water heating.

In the COMFORT ZONE GOLD heater, this problem has been eliminated due to the galvanic coating of the thermostat contacts with a layer of gold. This metal is highly chemically inert and practically does not oxidize. The use of this solution significantly extended the life of the COMFORT ZONE GOLD heater, while maintaining high precision of its operation. This guarantees many years of trouble-free operation of the device and full thermal safety of animals swimming in the aquarium.
In the interests of the highest quality of workmanship, each individual heater is hand-tested and calibrated in a professional AQUAEL laboratory before being handed over to users. The accuracy of the thermostat is 1 ° C.

The new COMFORT ZONE GOLD heaters are available in eight models with the power of 25 W, 50 W, 75 W, 100 W, 150 W, 200 W, 250 W and 300 W, so they can be used in virtually any size of freshwater or water tank sea. Black color makes it easy to hide in the tank.

Technical data:

Power: 200W

Height: 31 cm

Temperature range: 19-32st C.

Recommended aquarium size: 130-200L

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AQUAEL COMFORT ZONE GOLDHeater with a 100W thermostat"Golden precision of heat"Glass aquarium heater..


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