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Aquarium membrane aerator <300L adjustable

OxyBoost pumps are a continuation of the 30-year tradition of producing AQUAEL diaphragm pumps. Among the models available on the market, they stand out with modern design, careful workmanship and considerable performance.

OXYBOOST PLUS aerators were made with high diligence using modern production technologies. It is worth noting that as a few diaphragm pumps available on the market - they are manufactured in the European Union (Polish product, manufactured entirely in the AQUAEL factory in Suwałki). This guarantees full availability of accessories (membranes, piston assemblies).

The OXYBOOST PLUS aerator line consists of four models: AP 100 PLUS, APR 150 PLUS, AP 200 PLUS and APR 300 PLUS, where these numbers represent the maximum efficiency of the equipment expressed in liters of air pumped through them per hour. The aerators have one (versions 100 and 150) or two air outlets (versions 200 and 300). APR models are equipped with smooth performance adjustment by means of ergonomic knobs located on the upper part of the housing.

The bodies of new pumps are maintained in a universal, fashionable style with a combination of black and white. Their rounded, disk-like shapes allow for easy cleaning.

OXYBOOST PLUS are efficient and consume minimal energy (2.2-2.5 W). They are therefore ideally suited for continuous operation as aeration devices (we recommend combining them with extremely decorative illuminated aeration tips AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS), for driving traditional sponge filters and undergravel filters. They can even be used in marine tanks to power simple pipe skimmers.


Recommended aquarium size up to 300L

Power: 2.5W

Capacity: 2x150l / h

Number of outputs: 2

Performance adjustment: yes

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AQUAEL Oxyboost 300 Plus

  • Brand: Aquael
  • Product Code: Oxyboost 300
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  • 24.00€

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