AquaArt AQUA CLEANER 500ml

AquaArt AQUA CLEANER 500mlPreparation for cleaning aquarium accessoriesApplication:Preparation for c..


AquaArt Planta Gainer CAPS fertilizer capsules

Planta Gainer CAPS is a fertilizer for aquatic plants, in the form of capsules filled with granules ..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Carbo 500ml

The basic building blocks of plant tissues in the aquarium are organic carbon compounds. To ensure t..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Classic 500ml

Planta Gainer Classic is a universal fertilizer for use in all decorative and social aquariums. Cont..


AquaArt Planta Gainer K+ 500ml

Potassium contained in K plus is one of the basic nutrients for plants. K plus makes nitrogen and ph..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Pro Ferro+ 500ml

Iron and microelement fertilizer for aquatic and aquarium plants. For everyday use.It enriches water..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Pro Macro GREEN 500ml

A macroelement fertilizer specially formulated for slow-growing plant species such as: Microsorium, ..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Pro Macro RED 500ml

A macro-element fertilizer specially formulated for fast-growing stem plants, especially those with ..


AquaArt Planta Gainer Pro Micro 500ml

A micronutrient fertilizer for aquatic and aquarium plants for the preparation of water previously f..


AquaArt Safe Water 500ml

Application:Preparation for preparation and treatment of tap water before feeding into the aquarium...


AquaArt Shrimp Mineral 500ml

Application:Preparation providing shrimp with essential minerals, which are often lacking in soft wa..


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