HAGEN FLUVAL 307 External Filter Bowl 1150l / h For Aquarium 90-330L

The Fluval 307 External Aquarium Filter is a highly efficient, fully equipped and very quiet external filter for aquariums up to 330 liters.

New Fluval 307 model - This is a completely new filter from the Canadian brand Fluval. During the design phase, a modern Fluval eTEC (Efficient Technology) design, material and manufacturing approach was used to ensure high pump efficiency, lower energy consumption and extremely quiet operation. The 6 series was already considered a model of a compact aquarium bucket, but Fluval's engineers with the 7 series further refined such elements as the engine, filter baskets or cartridges used inside.

The main assumptions of the Fluval 307 designers
A) Quiet operation and energy-saving motor
B) Easy start-up and operation
C) Clean and healthy aquarium water

The latest generation not only provides power and reliability, but is also very quiet (25% quieter compared to the 6 series) and easier to use thanks to the new water suction system, improved pre-filter, or a new rubber foot that eliminates the transmission of vibrations to the cabinet and the aquarium itself

Advantages of the Fluval 307

A powerful engine generates a constant pumping power and pressure that does not decrease, even with dirty filter inserts
The redesigned precision engineered motor with copper coils is 25% quieter than the Series 6.
Energy efficient - the Fluval 307 model uses only 15W of power.
Redesigned, significantly enlarged rubber feet stabilizers provide excellent vibration damping properties
The redesigned Aquastop valve is even easier to operate and provides smooth flow control. The new material is twice as durable as before.
Double motorized clamps Lift-Lock ensure quick opening and closing of the bucket, ensuring at the same time tightness.
The new filter priming system is even more efficient. It only takes a few movements of the lever to suck in water.
EZ-Lift media baskets with a new central handle allow you to remove the media stack with one finger for quick access (less mess and no need to empty the water canister).
The vertical pre-filter element (pre-filter) with independent access provides a larger surface (by 30% compared to similar solutions) and better mechanical filtration
A set of filter cartridges and connection pipes included!

Technical data:
Power: 15W
Max capacity: 1150l / h
Recommended aquarium size: 90-330 L.
Lifting the water column: 1.75 m
Filter capacity: 7.3L
Pre-filter size: 803 cm²
Dimensions: 24x18x42cm

Cartridges included:

Bio-Foam Max (x2)
Bio-Foam (x2)
Bio-Foam + (x2)
Carbon - carbon (x2)
Bio-Max (x2)
Quick-Clear (x2)

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Hagen Fluval 307 External Filter up to 330ltr

  • Brand: Fluval
  • Product Code: 307
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  • 165.00€

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