Aquael - ULTRAMAX 2000 external filter
For 400L - 700L Aquarium

Aquael ULTRAMAX are technically advanced canister filters with patented solutions.
They guarantee extraordinary ergonomics of use, ensure perfect water purity and its parameters in even the most demanding aquariums. The used pre fi lter reduces the frequency of cleaning the inserts, and placing it in the lid of the device enables its replacement without removing the fi lter from the cabinet!

The filter is equipped with a set of filter cartridges and a pre-filter. There are shut-off and flow regulating valves in the head - each valve can be disconnected and adjusted separately. All models have hoses with a diameter of 19 / 25mm.

Modern design and applied solutions guarantee effective mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. A pump built into the filter ensures constant water circulation. The water flows through successive media, thanks to which it is constantly purified, which makes the environment in the aquarium healthier for fish, and the clarity of the water in the aquarium remains at an excellent level for a very long time.

Filter media:

The set of ULTRAMAX filter elements as standard includes:

BioCeraMAX Pro 600 is designed for biological water filtration in freshwater and marine aquariums. It is in the form of cylinders made of porous ceramic material. BioCeraMAX Pro 600 provides a very large filtration capacity - 600 m2.

Highly active, biological sponge with various gradations provides excellent mechanical filtration, cleans the water of any dirt and impurities.

Moreover, thanks to the special microporous structure, it has a huge active surface and is an excellent habitat for nitrifying bacteria (biological filtration).


Ready to work, complete set with cartridges, tubes and hoses
Protection of fi ltration media - 10ppi graded sponge filter prevents contaminants from entering the biological media. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned without opening the main tank and disconnecting the filter! The head is mounted on 8 hooks, it is enough to unhook 4 side hooks and we have access to a basket made of pre-filter sponge.
Properly selected filter media, including sponges and ceramics - biological bed!
High performance with low power consumption of only 24W
Integrated shut-off system - each valve is mounted and adjusted separately!
Large filter capacity for ideal breeding conditions for freshwater animals and plants. Ultramax 2000 has up to 5 baskets, each with a volume of 1.9 liters. The total capacity of the entire filter is as much as 16l
Any configuration of filtration, easy to remove cartridges.
Easy start, thanks to the self-priming mechanism, it is enough to take one or two pulls of the valve and the filter is filled with water.

Special features:

very large capacity of filtration media - ideal conditions for the development of nitrifying bacteria
built-in, easily accessible pre-filter - protection of filter media against excessive clogging
the possibility of any configuration of filter media - ideal conditions for breeding aquarium animals and plants
modern, energy-saving motor - high efficiency with low energy consumption
smooth performance adjustment - easy adjustment of the filter's speed to the user's needs
patented self-priming mechanism based on the ONE TOUCH PRIME SYSTEM
extremely quiet operation thanks to the ceramic rotor axis
integrated double shut-off valves
complete set - equipped with a set of tube inserts and connectors

Technical parameters of ULTRAMAX 2000

Number of baskets for filter media: 5
Media basket capacity: 1.9l
Filter capacity: 16l
Product dimensions with valves: 290 x 270 x 510mm
Recommended aquarium capacity: 400-700L
Power consumption: 24W
Maximum capacity: 2000 l / h
Hose inside diameter / external: 19/25mm
Hose length: 2 x 150 cm
Maximum lift: 240cm
Warranty 24 months
The product is made in Poland

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Aquael Ultramax 2000

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