(suitable for aquarium with shrimps)

PAT MINI is a miniature internal filter designed for installation in small and medium-sized aquariums. This device consists of a tiny head and a carefully selected filter sponge. Thanks to the use of innovative construction solutions, this head has a maximum capacity of up to 400 l / h, which is the same as a typical medium-sized turbine aquarium filter. And all this with an energy consumption of no more than 4 W.

As a result, PAT MINI provides efficient filtration even in a 120-liter tank. However, won't he do an excessive "washing machine" in a much smaller aquarium? No worries, because the front of the head has a capacity regulator that allows you to adjust this parameter to each aquarium. The filter also has a directional tip, which allows you to limit the water current in the aquarium by pointing it e.g. to the wall of the tank. It has been equipped with an aeration tube connected to the discharge nozzle, which allows for effective and efficient oxygenation of water in the tank.

The sponge included in the PAT MINI filter has relatively small pores, extremely efficiently performs mechanical filtration in the aquarium, capturing even the smallest visible impurities from the water. In addition, it is an ideal base for the settlement of strains of beneficial nitrifying bacteria oxidizing fish toxic ammonia and nitrates. Maintenance of the sponge is very simple and lasts only tens of seconds. In this way, we will ensure filter continuity and guarantee that the inhabitants of our aquarium will swim in crystal clear and toxin-free water.

Installation of the device is very easy thanks to the handle equipped with strong suction cups, additionally equipped with a functional hanger that allows the filter to be attached to the edge of the aquarium glass.


-very small size
- perfect filtration
-high efficiency (up to 400 l / h)
- convenient performance adjustment

- aeration function

Technical specifications:

Capacity: 50-400 l / h;
Power: 4W;
The size of the aquarium 10-120L;
2 sponges included

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Aquael PAT MINI + Extra Thick Sponge

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