AQUAEL Leddy Slim Plant 36W
LED lighting beam for plant aquarium 100-120 cm
 New model in black color!
Adequate lighting for plants!
LEDDY SLIM - universal LED lamps designed to illuminate open freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Mounted on the edges of the side windows of the tank. They offer an elegant alternative to the classic aquarium cover. Their use allows for a unique decorative effect in combination with health-promoting values ​​(an open aquarium moisturizes the air and improves the microclimate of the room). Perfect for plant and reef aquariums and tanks decorated in a natural style.
LEDDY SLIM is a completely new proposition on the market. They contain carefully selected LEDs that provide perfect lighting of the tank, guaranteeing excellent living conditions for its inhabitants and a unique visual effect. They are made of corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean glass. The flat, futuristic shape and fashionable white color make them a perfect match for modern aquarium tanks and look great in any interior.
In addition, they are universal - extendable supports allow them to be installed in aquariums of various lengths, including tanks of non-standard sizes.
The offer includes models for lighting tanks with a length of 20 to 120 cm

LEDDY SLIM 5W 20cm 330lm

LEDDY SLIM 10W 50-70cm 650lm

LEDDY SLIM 32W 80-100cm 2300lm

LEDDY SLIM 36W 100-120cm 2600lm
Thanks to the use of LEDs, they do not require frequent replacement with new ones and use half of electricity less than traditional fluorescent lamps.
Leddy Slim lamps are available in four versions that differ in the type of emitted light (spectrum):
- Sunny model - emits light similar to sunlight with a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin,
- Plant model - emits light with an increased share of red and blue waves - ideal for the needs of plants of 8000 Kelvin,
- Model Marine - emits strong white light with a color temperature of 10,000 Kelvin - ideal for the growth and development of corals,
- Model Actinic - emits blue light with a color temperature of 20,000 Kelvin.
• energy-saving (they consume half the energy less than traditional fluorescent lamps)
• long-lived (up to 50,000 working hours)
• universal (for tanks of various lengths)
• also for aquariums with non-standard sizes
• fashionable black color
• flat, modern shape
• four versions of diode sets (SUNNY, PLANT, MARINE, ACTINIC)
Version: Plant
Black colour
Spacing: 100-120cm
Power: 36W
Color temperature: 8000K
The maximum thickness of the glass is 16mm

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