Aquael Miniboost 100
Aerator for aquariums <100L

Advantages of the aerator / buzzer for the Miniboost 100 aquarium:
- very small size
- quiet operation
- high efficiency with minimal energy consumption
- solid performance
- smooth performance adjustment
- durable membrane

Miniature aquarium aerator with adjustable MINIBOOST 100 capacity, characterized by very small dimensions and low energy consumption while maintaining high efficiency.
MINIBOOST 100 is an offer for all owners of small and medium-sized aquarium tanks (up to 100 l capacity). It is used for effective aeration of aquarium water and for driving traditional sponge filters (currently most commonly used for shrimps and fry aquariums). It is distinguished by very small sizes (only 8.5x4x4 cm), thanks to which it does not catch the eye and does not take up much space.
It has smooth adjustment of performance by means of a convenient knob. This allows you to precisely adjust the amount of pumped air to the needs of each, even the smallest aquarium. The special construction of the membrane ensures high durability, which guarantees a long service life without having to replace it. The aerator only consumes 1.8 W of electricity, making it very cheap to operate.
It is produced in Poland, which ensures solid performance and high utility values. In addition, it meets all European standards, which guarantees safety of use.
We recommend using an aerator in any freshwater aquarium, even one in which a filter equipped with an aeration function works.
A modern, efficient aerator significantly improves water oxygenation, which guarantees even better living conditions for fish and other aquarium animals. In addition, the use of an aerator improves the aesthetic value and in combination with the illuminated aeration tip AQUAEL AIRLIGHTS LED is a great decoration for any aquarium set.

Technical data:
Power 1.8W
Capacity 100l / h
Recommended for aquariums up to 100l and maximum depth of 60cm

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AQUAEL Miniboost 100

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